Call for participation in the IWOCA 2009 Problems Session

Since its earliest gatherings, IWOCA has had collaborative problem solving as an essential part of its meetings. This takes place informally alongside the rest of the programme and provides an enjoyable and fraternal activity. This will be fired up at IWOCA 2009 by the Problems Session scheduled for late afternoon on Monday, early in the workshop. If you have a research problem that you would like to share for collaborative purposes, then please volunteer to describe this in a 10-15 minutes slot in the Problems Session. Presentations are best stripped down to a concise technical description of the combinatorial challenge with a minimum of context. The session is highly informal, so please don't hesitate to jump in! It would help if you emailed your wish to make a presentation to Alan Gibbons and Joe Ryan with a sentence or two describing the nature of your problem. An offer to speak will almost certainly guarantee a slot to do so.

In conjunction with this activity, we have recently initiated a webpage of problems described at previous IWOCA meetings. These pages should encourage collaborative work between IWOCA meetings and will record progress on the problems. Presentations at the Problems Session automatically induce an invitation to contribute to the webpage.


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